The Dealer's Choice for Secondary Financing

AMAC Express was created by Ace Motor Acceptance Corporation (AMAC). AMAC is a sub-prime auto lender with a dealer base in Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina. Dealers signed up with AMAC can use AMAC Express 24/7 for online approvals for customers with less than perfect credit. Once inside AMAC Express, dealers can enter their inventory and their customers. From there they will be informed on the approval status and have the additional ability to see the profit or loss on each vehicle in inventory. This is a powerful selling tool for dealers which allows them to direct the customer to the vehicle that fits their needs while simultaneously allowing dealers to sell the most profitable vehicle. Once the deal is accepted the pre-filled funding packet can be down loaded for the customer to sign. When the contract package is received by AMAC, the web site allows for real time tracking of the contract from acceptance to ultimate funding. You can read more information at or call (704) 882-7100 ext. 7509 to schedule a demonstration.

AMAC has over 30 years of experience in indirect lending to automobile dealers and their customers. Our Dealer Services Department employs a fully trained staff of relationship managers who have a wealth of experience in the financial services industry and extensive market knowledge. We offer an array of sub-prime financing programs including the Dealer Stimulus Program for customers that have better credit , the 5 & Drive program which features less restrictive  credit criteria, a high approval rate, minimum down payment requirements ($500) and dealer checks well over book.

We also offer traditional Fax-in and Bulk Purchase programs. You can contact the Bulk Purchase coordinator at (704) 882-7100 ext. 7509.

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